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Are you a man who helps care for someone with dementia? Your health and needs matter, too! Share your caregiving experience through some online surveys!

More than 11 million Americans provide unpaid care for someone with dementia. If you’re one of them, join this health research study from the comfort of home. Your participation might one day help improve the health of caregivers like you.
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Have trouble moving your arm after a stroke? Try an at-home video game that might help you regain your arm movement.

Relearning to move your arm after a stroke is hard work. It can be frustrating. Try testing a new video game you control with individual arm muscles. It might improve arm movement and muscle coordination. You will use the game mostly at home and once a week in a lab.
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Are you close with an African American adult age 65 and over? Let’s see if an online program can help people stay active, independent, and connected to their loved ones – all from the comfort of home!

More than 34 million people take care of elderly family and friends. If you’re one of them, team up with your older adult to test whether a new app might help them stay active, independent, and connected as they age!
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Can you sleep better and stay healthier by eating at certain times and taking a sleep aid before bed?

Not sleeping enough can put you at risk for diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease. Let’s find out if changing when you eat and taking a hormone pill that tells your body it’s time to rest can help. Better sleep might lower your risk for disease!
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Have a spare 10 minutes? Sign up for a registry that could connect you with studies about dementia and healthy aging!

36 million people have dementia, including Alzheimer’s. Add your name to a list of people working to cut that number, whether or not you’re sick. Signing up will help connect you to studies you might like to join. This might help advance research about dementia and healthy aging.
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Do you have high blood pressure? Building muscle through exercise might help.

High blood pressure can lead to problems like heart disease, stroke, and more. Try an exercise program that might help strengthen your muscles. Strengthening your muscles might pave the way for a new approach to lowering your blood pressure. Helping you move and do simple activities a little easier.
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Help learn how no-fee dental care might improve older adults’ health and wellbeing in this health research study!

Nearly one in four U.S. seniors haven’t been to the dentist in five years. And bad oral health can lead to disease or low quality of life. Team up to see how getting no-fee dental care might impact your health and wellness. It might pave the way for expanding access to dental care for older adults.
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Are you 30 to 50 years old? Share info about your lifestyle and habits – it might one day help predict who’s at a higher risk of age-related hearing loss!

Almost 40 million American adults report some trouble hearing. Team up for just 2 visits to do research on hearing loss!
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Try a pill that’s used to treat high cholesterol. It might help prevent heart disease, dementia, or disability!

Heart disease and dementia are two of the leading causes of death for older adults in the U.S. Try a pill that’s already used to treat high cholesterol. Let’s see if it helps prevent those diseases and age-related disability. It might pave the way for a pill to help people stay healthy as they age.
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If you or someone you know has a kind of dementia that effects your language, get a brain scan once a year. It might lead to better ways to detect Alzheimer’s.

Primary progressive aphasia (PPA) is a form of dementia caused by damage to the parts of your brain involved with language. If you have PPA, get your thinking checked and brain scanned once a year. It might help find a new way to detect early signs of Alzheimer’s.
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