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Try eating and sleeping at different times. It might help researchers learn how to improve people’s health!

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S. Diabetes is also a top cause of death. An out-of-whack internal clock might be to blame for developing these diseases. Try eating and sleeping at different times. It might help find the best times to eat and sleep to avoid disease as you age.
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Have trouble moving your arm after a stroke? Try an at-home video game that might help you regain your arm movement.

Relearning to move your arm after a stroke is hard work. It can be frustrating. Try testing a new video game you control with individual arm muscles. It might improve arm movement and muscle coordination. You will use the game mostly at home and once a week in a lab.
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Do you have high blood pressure? Building muscle through exercise might help.

High blood pressure can lead to problems like heart disease, stroke, and more. Try an exercise program that might help strengthen your muscles. Strengthening your muscles might pave the way for a new approach to lowering your blood pressure. Helping you move and do simple activities a little easier.
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Can you sleep better and stay healthier by eating at certain times and taking a sleep aid before bed?

Not sleeping enough can put you at risk for diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease. Let’s find out if changing when you eat and taking a hormone pill that tells your body it’s time to rest can help. Better sleep might lower your risk for disease!
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Do you have chronic blood clots? Try a new treatment that might help your symptoms

Chronic blood clots in your legs can develop into a condition that causes severe pain, swelling, sores, and trouble walking. In this study, you might try a treatment where a small tube goes into your vein to help your blood flow better. This might ease your symptoms and help your legs feel better.
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Calling all healthy adults! Team up for just one visit and get images taken of your heart! Your participation might one day help treat COVID-19.

More than 1 million Americans have died from COVID-19. If you’re healthy and don’t suffer from Long COVID symptoms from a past infection, team up to get images taken of your heart! Your participation might one day help treat COVID-19 patients who have chest pain.
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Try a pill that’s used to treat high cholesterol. It might help prevent heart disease, dementia, or disability!

Heart disease and dementia are two of the leading causes of death for older adults in the U.S. Try a pill that’s already used to treat high cholesterol. Let’s see if it helps prevent those diseases and age-related disability. It might pave the way for a pill to help people stay healthy as they age.
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